It was a friday morning when we took a train to Ahmedabad – my sasural!

Lately I have developed a dislike for trains and hence, needless to say that I wasn’t very kicked about taking a 8 hours train journey. But surprisingly, it turned out to be such a comfortable one!

Rajdhani Express lived upto its reputation from the word go. The coach was clean (very unlikely), attendants were courteous and FOOD was good. Yes, FOOD is what I am gonna talk here! And it started here, right in the train.

The moment we settled down, the attendant served us TEA. And I was pretty impressed for nothing can match a nice hot cup early in the morning. But then, it was just the beginning!

The moment I was served tea, my wife took out her ‘dabba’ full of snacks she had specially packed for our train journey. So, it was ‘MATHRI’ and ‘TEA’ to start with.

And the moment I thought I am done with my BREAKFAST, I found the attendant coming and serving BREAKFAST. And even though I wasn’t hungry anymore, I could not say no to something I had paid for!

Hence, I had my ‘SECOND BREAKFAST’ which consisted of OMELET, TOAST and BUTTER. Well, it was tolerable till there. I was stuffed enough to catch a few winks. And as my better-half hit her mac and started to write her episode, I proceeded to sleep. After all, I had gone to bed at 2 AM and had to get up again at 4 AM in order to catch the train.

The next thing I saw was – the attendant staring in my eyes with another FOOD TRAY. I was woken up with a gentle shake. It was time to have SOUP and BREAD STICKS. I was full and had no appetite for all that. But then, how could I betray my Indian mentality and say no to FREE FOOD. Hence, I had a bowl full of TOMATO SOUP with BREAD STICKS.

And within an hour, I was also seen eating my lunch. How could I say no – after all, that was free too! And by the time I finished, my tummy had become a balloon. Wife was clever enough to look away and not get lured by FREE FOOD!

By now I had started thinking that it was enough for the day and I wont have any LUNCH. And just then, my wife’s phone rang. It was her Mamaji from Ahmedabad who was calling to enquire where we had reached. But as a matter of fact, he wanted to convey the message that we better not eat anything on our way for Mamiji has already cooked a ‘SPECIAL LUNCH’.

And even before I could whisper and tell my wife that I am stuffed and not going to eat even a single grain, one look on her face got me all quiet. How could I say no to eating at her maayka!

So here I was – bloated like a frog and feeling nauseous at the thought of food, knowing that MORE FOOD is awaiting me.

— to be continued.

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  1. ns says:

    you mean to say Indian Railways does serve good food? Since when this started to happen?

    1. Oh yes! I was surprised myself!!

  2. Nishith Shah says:

    waiting for the rest of the part…

    1. compiling it… you will get to read the rest of it pretty soon…

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