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Bechara Sampurn

Day 2 in Ahmedabad: Next morning, I got up very early – around 6 o’clock. And not wanting to disturb my peacefully sleeping wife (after all, she was in her maayka), I sneaked out of the bedroom. And in the hall, greeting ‘Jai Shri Krishna’ was ‘Amma’ – my wife’s granny. She was up and going through her daily dose of Gujrat Samachar. And for the first time in my life, I started my day with a Gujrati newspaper, trying hard to make sense of what has been written. Asking Amma for meaning was useless since she doesn’t understand Hindi / English and I didnt know Gujrati. You can understand the hilarious situation when Amma cracked some kind of joke on some newspiece and I laughed not knowing what was I laughing at!

It wasnt very late before Mamiji too woke up hearing our laughter. And in no time, she whipped up a cup of ‘garma-garam’ MINT TEA – accompanied by various kinds of SEVSand CHIWDAS.

And by the time I finished my MORNING TEA, my wife too woke up and expressed her desire to have FAFDA-JALEBI in breakfast. And even before I could voice my protest, the suggestion was passed with majority votes!

The next task was to wake my little ‘brother-in-law’ up. Now it was a task since he, in true sense, is the heir apparent of the ‘Great Kumbhkarn’. And since Mamaji had to get ready for his office and I didnt know this famous FAFDA-JALEBI place, we had to wake him up.

But to our surprise, he woke up in the first call itself. Everyone congratulated me for having achieved a feat. Else,

Kumbhkarn Nishith

Kumbhkarn Nishith

waking him up is no ordinary task. I was proud of myself. It was only later that I came to know the truth – the ‘kumbhkarn maharaj’ didnt wake up because of his respect for me, but it was the mention of FAFDA-JALEBI which he could not resist and was up in no time.

Anyways, I had to pillion-ride with him for almost 8 kilometers till the national highway where they got the best FAFDA-JALEBIS in town. And even though it was hot out there, the journey was worth since I got to see how the FAFDAS and the JALEBIS are made.

The Fafda Factory

The Fafda Factory

It took us almost an hour and a half to get the FAFDA-JALEBIS and only 10 minutes to finish it off. And I must say, it was a good breakfast, for a change. I liked it.

Next on the agenda was visits to various relatives of Anar. And I was already warned that everyone will FEED me as if I am a hungry Buffalo. It seems that by now Mamiji had started having pity on me. So, she suggested that we have LUNCH at home only so that we can skip food at the relatives place. I kinda liked the idea. And had LUNCH at home.

Even though Mamiji was sypmathetic towards me, how could she not fulfill her duties as a ‘mother-in-law’ – she made it a point that I am STUFFED properly before I stepped out of the house.

It was only at the place of the first relative that I realized how I was set-up by Mamiji!

Want to know how? Wait for the next post…

– to be continued…


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  1. Anar Anand says:

    After you finish this series, I think Nishith is going to start writing one from his POV!!!

  2. Anar Anand says:

    Like, Like, Superlike

  3. Nayana says:

    OK. So let’s count the calories:

    Chewda – 300 caloreis in 3.5oz – 21 gms fat

    Fafda – 580 calories in 3.5oz – 52 gms fat

    Farsi puri – 200 calories in each puri – 7 gms fat…

    oh God, I already lost the count….the food….forget

    everything….just eat it!

  4. kamini shah says:

    hummm..sochne wali bat hai,ab meri bari ane wali hai.I will be very careful when you come over at my house.You will get food only if you ask for it!!!!We all are waiting for your
    arrival in BIG APPLE.

    1. I have already been marked as ‘notorious’!!!

  5. Anar Anand says:

    @Mashi: As long as there is ice-cream, I think we’ll be fine… ;)

  6. Akshay says:

    Love the Phapda Gathia!! with Chatni..